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Sci-Spy (2002) #1


Sci-Spy is kind of confusing. Moench and Gulacy have done sci-fi before, but here they’re sort of suffocating the reader with all the ground situation information. The protagonist has two sidekicks. One is his supervisor, a computer named Motherbank. In addition to being his boss, the computer is also his mother as it found him in space as a frozen embryo. All those details come out in the first three pages. I admire Moench’s brevity, but the expository dialogue exchange is painful.

The second sidekick is an orb following him around; it shoots lasers, it has cameras, it drives the space cars. The orb is slightly less confusing, but only because we never see Motherbank.

Moench comes up with some nice twists towards the end and the art’s good. Palmiotti is a fine inker for Gulacy; Sci-Spy looks lively.

After the wobbly open, it finds its feet.

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