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Swamp Thing (1972) #23


Who could predicate this turn of events… Alec Holland’s got a brother no one has ever mentioned before and he cures Swamp Thing….

Maybe the lame Ernie Chan cover sets it up. Or maybe Conway bringing in some obscure character from ten issues previous—I remember the name, but not the character—to turn into this idiotic villain with a sword for a hand.

It’s incredibly lame.

Most of it, anyway. Actually, the stuff Conway does with the smarter Dr. Holland’s female assistant—it turns out Alec is the dumb brother—is quite good. Conway brings some humanity to the comic, even as he slowly returns the physical manifestation of it to Swamp Thing.

Conway fills pages like mad too—pointlessly retelling Swamp Thing’s origin.

Redondo does okay, but more in his panel composition than in the actual art. The other Dr. Holland, for example, never gets a consistent face.

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