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Swamp Thing (1972) #22


It’s another decent issue from Michelinie and, big shock, it’s not a Swamp Thing comic so much as a “Twilight Zone” episode.

Here it’s about some government nuclear test causing a virus and the government secretly quarantining the infected… including the lead scientist’s family. He’s the main character of the issue. Swamp Thing just sort of walks around a bit. Michelinie doesn’t even bother with a lot of thought balloons for Swamp Thing anymore, which is good since he always wrote terrible ones.

Redondo again has a lot of opportunity for varied subjects. Not just the desert vistas or the underground prison. Redondo gets to draw a lot of people, sick and not, in various states of emotional turmoil. The issue would be better halved, without Swamp Thing showing up.

As for Michelinie’s pointless soft cliffhanger? It’s necessary to make it a Swamp Thing comic, but the ship’s clearly sailed.

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