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Swamp Thing (1972) #21


Michelinie returns to do a Swamp Thing meets aliens issue. Swampy gets whisked to an intergalactic zoo where he takes part in the conveniently timed uprising of the prisoners.

Swamp Thing is completely passive in the issue—Michelinie spends a lot more time on the jailer and his favorite female companion and he turns in a decent little sci-fi story. It’s not really a Swamp Thing story, but it’s not terrible (like most of Michelinie’s Swamp Thing writing).

Also of note is the Redondo art. He gets to do a lot of different stuff; not just the different creatures imprisoned alongside Swamp Thing, but also the intergalactic platform itself. Redondo’s sci-fi art is very grounded—though Michelinie’s “science” is sometimes mind-numbing. It makes one wonder if he believes in gravity.

Not surprisingly, when Michelinie has to make it about Swamp Thing at the end… the issue collapses.

; writer, David Michelinie; artist, Nestor Redondo; colorist, Tatjana Wood; letterer, Marcos; editors, Paul Levitz and Joe Orlando; publisher, DC Comics.</

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