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The Strange Talent of Luther Strode 1 (October 2011)

There’s nothing original about The Strange Talent of Luther Strode so far. Tradd Moore’s a little more ultra-violent than most comics; Moore gives it an almost cartoonish feel. When the story flashback (almost immediately) to Luther Strode in high school, where he got his superpowers from a Charles Atlas analog, Moore maintains the attention to detail. There’s not high school violence of that nature, but it always seems possible.

Writer Justin Jordan gives the high school setting a modern feel, but it’s a traditional hero in high school comic story–Luther’s a nerd, he’s got a funny sidekick, he and his mom have an interesting backstory.

But even if Jordan isn’t reinventing the wheel, he’s writing a very good wheel. Luther’s an appealing character and Jordan’s scene breaks make Strode a fun read.

The issue’s cliffhanger is a little shaky though. The last few pages have some pacing problems.

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