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Sci-Spy (2002) #2


This issue initially brings out more of the espionage angle. The protagonists—Starchild and Nile—team up (forced into the situation by their boss) and head off into what sounds like a spy mission. They have to impersonate terrorists and discover what’s going on with these robotic monsters eating the good planets piece by piece.

Two things stand out in this issue. First, the writing is lame. I can’t tell if Moench is padding out the story because he doesn’t have enough or if he’s intentionally writing lame, declarative one-liners. He also changes the issue’s pacing—going from espionage to action at the drop of a hat, like he’s modeling the issue on a James Bond movie (not really, because Bond didn’t have partners) and not the series overall.

Still, the art’s a delight. Gulacy knows how to compose action sci-fi and Palmiotti continues to ink him well.

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