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Swamp Thing (1972) #19


You’ve got to love a comic book with an apology in leu of a cliffhanger. This issue of Swamp Thing—Gerry Conway’s first—was supposed to be double-sized. Instead, they split it in two… and this one ends uneventfully. Stops might be the better term.

Still, it’s a decent issue. Conway’s execution is stronger than the comic has had in a while and Redondo comes up with some great layouts.

There’s a rogue Swamp Thing—grown from the original’s arm (which almost foreshadows the character’s future under Moore)—and a possibly evil Indian befriends it. There’s a cute little Bride of Frankenstein feel to it.

But Abby, Matt and Bolt are around too. Abby’s clairvoyance is mutedly implied again, but it’s getting old, regardless of Conway being better at the narration than his predecessor on the book. Bolt’s still a lame character… Conway can’t magic all the problems away.

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  1. Thankfully, Moore’s on his way!

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