The Unwritten (2009) #11


A small complaint. This issue features Tommy—sorry, Tom—having a big Jedi moment. Only no one thinks he’s a good enough Jedi to do it yet. But he can still do it… and Carey doesn’t even hint at why he can do it. It plays out fine because it’s a big set piece but it’s a narrative pothole. It suggests Tom’s “purpose” might be to quest about, correcting literary wrongs… to what end, though. Carey doesn’t touch on that bit either, or even recognize it in the story.

Otherwise, it’s a great issue.

Lizzie knocks Goebbels’s block off, which is fun to see in wish fulfillment, but also just to see her get a strong moment. She’s mysterious to the point she fades into the background occasionally.

Tom gets to show purpose and activeness. Savoy gets to do his sidekick thing.

Fabulous art from Gross—on the “monster” especially.

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