The Unwritten (2009) #10


It’s been too long since I’ve read Unwritten. I had to remember stuff—why no recap page, darn it—I’m still not sure it’s been confirmed, before this issue, Wilson is alive somewhere. Maybe it has been.

Anyway, Tommy and company end up in a sort of Nazi Germany where Tommy and the male sidekick—Savoy (Carey’s great at giving memorable names for characters without making them too outlandish)—run into Goebbels.

Lizzie gets pissed at Tommy before that meeting and abandons him, leaving him to his own devices. So, of course he screws up.

Coming back to Unwritten, besides just the quality of work from Carey and Gross, there’s also the draw of the Tommy character. He’s fallible beyond the point of all reason at times. One can sympathize, but also just stand slack-jawed.

Here, for instance, he thought he should trust Goebbels? How stupid do you get?

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