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Captain America: Man out of Time (2011) #4


It’s nice to read a Captain America comic where the writer isn’t afraid to be unabashedly liberal. Brubaker always keeps it on the back burner a little, like he’s not willing to alienate. Waid is willing to alienate.

This issue might feature Molina’s best art so far, only because at one point I thought they might have brought someone else—someone competent onto the book. They haven’t, but for a few pages it seems like they do.

Waid’s updating of Cap’s origin, if updating is what he’s doing here (it’s still not clear), leaves him far more alone in the present than any other telling before has done. Even the Avengers are just sort of a distraction for him, not something he particularly cares about (or leads—Iron Man’s the leader in Man out of Time).

It’s a strong issue, with Waid doing fine work. And the cliffhanger’s got potential.

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