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Captain America: Man out of Time (2011) #3


Once again, Waid broaches a really interesting possibility for Man out of Time—Cap going back in time to WWII via Reed Richards’s time machine prototype, but then he closes it down again.

Sure, it’s kind of cool to see Cap and Tony hanging out and the Martin Luther King Jr. stuff is excellent (I imagine it enraged a number of Marvel readers… oh, wait, I’m sure this series sold like crap). But Waid’s playing it really safe. He’s just setting the groundwork for what’s basically a movie template. He’s giving readers a modern Cap origin retelling—a good one—but it feels pointless other than as an Avengers movie precursor.

He’s got two issues to go, so I suppose it’s possible (if unlikely) he can do something special with the series. Still, making it good—Captain America: Month One—is an achievement.

Molina’s art, as usual, is the pits.

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  1. I totally missed this one. Just five Cap titles too many this month in anticipation of the movie. I don’t think the Hitch covers warmed me up to reading this either. $3.99 per issue pretty much meant it wasn’t going to sell. So why did Marvel deem this necessary to publish again? Look for the Batroc the Leaper one shot from last month’s Cap overflow, heard that one was modest in it’s expectations and did well as a story…

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