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Captain America: Man out of Time (2011) #5


As Man out of Time finishes, it’s not clear if it’s the new continuity or if Marvel just gave Waid and company the chance to retell the Cap origin again. The series suggests it might behoove them to let other writers take a crack at it, because Waid does find a lot to talk about, a lot to look at.

This issue finally returns Cap to the past, something I can’t remember having read before. The future, it turns out, has spoiled him in a lot of ways. Waid does take the easy way out—he doesn’t give Cap an Edith Keeler (the disappearance of Bucky and Peggy Carter from the official record could be a sequel series in itself)—but it works. Even Molina manages not to offend too greatly.

Waid also addresses the question of Cap’s leadership, as well as those awkward reports.

It’s a good, thoughtful series.

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