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Captain America: Man out of Time (2011) #2


I hate how I dull so quickly to bad art. Molina hasn’t gotten any better, but because I know what to expect (what not to expect, more like), I’m comfortable.

This issue gets a lot more traditional. It’s not about Cap moving through time, it’s a retelling of him waking up; this time it’s when Obama’s President and Rick Jones has a gang of cyber-buddies helping him track supervillains. I’m not sure the Rick Jones and his Internet flunkies works though… Waid should have used Twitter.

So, in other words, it’s not the awesome thing I thought it would be from the first issue. Instead, it’s reasonably solid. Waid can write this stuff—he even writes a lot of it quite well (though he does have Cap thinking in a report to his commanding officer again). And notice, I’m not calling Cap Steve… Waid doesn’t humanize.

Still, it’s okay.

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