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Incognito: Bad Influences (2010) #3


Okay, so every issue of Bad Influences so far has had a different pacing structure. Here, Brubaker splits it between his three or four main characters. Except two of the main characters are antagonists and it’s unclear how much either is going to have to do with the series overall and he gives Zoe Zeppelin her own focus now too. She’s even less of an active character than the bad guys.

As for Zack Overkill, it’s hard to say where Brubaker’s taking him this series. He’s not quite treading water with the character, but he’s moving along really slow, to the point I’m wondering if issue five isn’t just going to end with a cliffhanger for the next series.

My enthusiasm for the series isn’t exactly waning (though Phillips again doesn’t have anything interesting to illustrate), but it’s getting a lot more realistic.

Incognito would work better as an ongoing.

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