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Incognito: Bad Influences (2010) #4


I just noticed, this issue, Phillips is really playing up the masks this series of Incognito. Everyone’s got a mask of some kind or another (well, all the girls have Catwoman masks out of the Adam West “Batman”) so it looks like he’s keeping busy illustrating other stuff, since Brubaker’s still not giving him particularly interesting set pieces.

It all takes place at night; maybe the non-colored work is more dynamic.

But Brubaker definitely needs more issues. He’s introducing all these new and interesting things but just showing them for a second before he has to move past. It’s like he’s expanding the Incognito universe, while still trying to stay on task. He resolves his surprise this issue (at least, starts to) and he handles it practically as an aside.

When I finished Incognito, I didn’t want a sequel. One issue left of this series and I want another.

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