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Incognito: Bad Influences (2010) #2


Look at Brubaker surprising me… not so much with anything going on in the issue, but with the soft cliffhanger. The entire issue suggests he’s going to have problems filling out three more issues, then the cliffhanger suggests he’s not going to have enough time for all his plans.

I coasted through this issue on goodwill from the first one. It’s not a bad issue, it’s just a stretched one. Brubaker takes a lot of time to get Zack’s story to a place he could have in the first half of the issue, maybe even less. The Black Death is back this series too, which makes it feel a little like old home week, but also like Brubaker doesn’t have enough for the standalone Incognito series he implied last issue.

Still, it’s a decent comic, probably better than anything last series.

Although Brubaker doesn’t give Phillips anything interesting to draw.

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