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Bullet to the Head (2010) #6


Matz does a good job wrapping it up. Not a great job, but a good one.

He layers his narrative—going three weeks into the future or something, then two days before that point, so he can keep some suspense going as to the final fate of the protagonists.

Wilson has his New York setting again and it’s lovely. But there’s a lot of complex action (because of the narrative layering) and the composition could be a lot clearer. The reader only knows what’s going on because he or she is seeing something already discussed.

The ending is exceptionally cute, in the narrative sense, and it makes me wonder if maybe Matz—or the translators at Dynamite—were maybe hoping for the movie deal. It’s too absurdly perfect for one.

And, for a series about vicious hitmen and dirty cops, the finale’s is pretty affable.

Still, it’s a worthwhile read.

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