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Batman Confidential (2007) #52


Oh, wow.

So this arc is actually about Batman’s first meeting with the Justice League.

Now, I’m not up on my DC continuity—and is Miller’s All-Star Batman continuity now—but I’m pretty sure Batman had met Superman by year three. This story is set in year three. But no, Batman hasn’t met Superman (or Super-Man as he calls him), the Flash or Green Lantern.

The issue ends with him breaking in to the Justice League headquarters. Wayne Technology installed the compound and left Batman a way to break in. It’s so convenient and not at all unethical.

The flashback story (again, Bingham’s art on the flashback is fine) turns out to be about Bruce Wayne hanging out with Chinese superheroes.

I thought Morrison was in charge of Batman now… I guess not. Guggenheim’s writing and ideas are painfully insipid.

Bingham’s weak, modern time period art doesn’t help.

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