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Locke & Key (2008) #6



Right after I say something nice about Rodriguez, this issue happens.

Actually, it’s not Rodriguez’s fault. Hill gives him something impossible to draw as static images (a transformation) and it just flops.

As for the rest of the issue, Hill does a pretty good job wrapping up some of the story and laying the groundwork for future series. There’s one problem where he contradicts himself. In dialogue, the villain explains the story as the finish, mocking Bode’s youthful idea the story is just starting.

Obviously, the story is just starting, which makes the villain just seem a little dumb and pointless and Hill’s dialogue superficial and thoughtless.

Hill brings back the narration, this time from Ty, the oldest brother, and it’s a mistake. Bode’s the series’s best “good” character, maybe because he’s the only one Hill’s spent any time developing.

Still, those complaints aside, it’s a decent enough finish.

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  1. While Hill is obviously still figuring out how to write comic books (is this his first?), the book, or series, has many good ideas he explores and succeeds at some of them. I’m somewhat amazed that after reading your review I forgot that the emphasis or reason of being for the premise of Locke & Key is barely touched upon in the first arc. My age, I guess…while Hill touches upon perhaps too many ideas during the run of the book, it’s the successes of the little scenes he seems to excel at. We’ll see how your take of it all goes later…

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