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Locke & Key (2008) #5


I think this issue is Hill’s first without any narration. It opens with the psycho—Sam—then flip-flops between him and Bode. Bode’s got his friend in the well, who reveals she’s not a friend this issue.

Hill and Rodriguez get gratuitously violent when Sam attacks the daughter (still don’t remember her name), to the point it’s way too rough for the comic. Locke & Key has been disturbing, but even with all the violence, it’s never been too much.

Here, they take it too far. So far, in fact, it’s unbelievable later when the dialogue suggests the daughter survived the assault.

It’s also Hill’s first all-action issue and he does pretty well. The colorist screws up the time of day for a bit.

And I might finally be willing to say I’m liking Rodriguez’s art. He really makes this issue work.

Maybe the best issue overall (so far).

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