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Locke & Key (2008) #3


And now Hill dedicated a whole issue to the girl. Again, I like his approach, but it’s just not believable. He’s got the little brother, Bode, I think, showing the sister his out of body experience and the sister thinks he’s playing. Maybe if they were regular kids, but not after the trauma they’d been through. Maybe the lack of post-traumatic stress is where Hill goes off the rails. His characters only work if you see them a little, like during a comic book. He forgets the other characters see them all the time.

Still, it’s a compelling read (maybe because Hill ups the foreboding ante again). I’m probably the only one, but the conclusion to the issue–Hill has a nice, trite finish to make it upbeat–is rather homoerotic.

And Rodriguez? His art still isn’t growing on me. He has a good sense of composition, but his details are loose.

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