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Batman Confidential (2007) #54


It ends with a quote from the Bible.

And Batman joining the Justice League.

His powers were only temporary back in China—those dastardly Chinese turned opium into a superpower elixir!

What’s so funny—besides laughing at Guggenheim’s writing, his dialogue, his narration—is Guggenheim’s plotting. He never lets Batman uncover the mystery he’s been pursuing the last five issues.

It’s really lame. I think this arc might be the worst comic I’ve read in many years. If DC’s hiring writers like Guggenheim, I’m really not missing much by sticking mostly to Marvel lately.

It’s hard to explain just how terrible, on a page level, his writing gets. One could sit down with a red Sharpie and notate the issues (I assume neither DC or Marvel pays editors to actually edit for quality).

Bingham’s art is a little better this issue, but he’s not working miracles….

This comic is crap.

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  1. Your reveiw caused me to actually pick up this issue and look through it. Boy oh boy, what a piece of poo. Thank you for taking valuable time out of your day to show us what the lowest common demoniatoris when publishing books from the big two is. I don’t know whether I’d be hard on Bingham, though the two styles are very different, and have different degrees of success. The script blows, which is all I need to know. Sheesh!

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