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Batman Confidential (2007) #53


Guggenheim implies he’s going to give Batman superpowers. Let me explain—in China, the superheroes Bruce Wayne runs into tell him they source of superpowers is the totem (or logo). There’s an atrocious bit where Batman’s later calling the Justice League’s logos their totems.

Anyway, it turns out the Chinese are lying to Batman and you really have to drink a magic potion to give you superpowers. It ends with Batman drinking it.

Isn’t Batman secretly having superpowers something on the level of organic webshooters? I mean, I don’t really follow comic news blogs, but I imagine if anyone read this comic… someone would have made a comment.

Really awful modern day art from Bingham (he doesn’t care; he’s working on the flashback stuff and modern day art be damned). I think DC just tinted his page layouts and had them colored.

Guggenheim’s writing somehow gets worse, which is surprising.

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