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Supergirl (2005) #48


Gates finally gets to the Lana thing–her nosebleeds and everything else. Turns out she has an unknown form of cancer (or something). I understand the need for drama, but Gates handles it poorly. He doesn’t handle it badly, he just handles it unrealistically. Supergirl’s anger about Lana not telling her is overblown and her concern is meager.

Luckily, the rest of the issue is solid. It starts as a recap of Silver Banshee’s origin and leads into some expanding of that origin (there’s brief homage to Chuck Austen and John Byrne at the open of the issue–they both worked on the character, Byrne creating her). Gates does a good job of not making it feel like a retcon.

Then the action kicks off and Gates ends on a great hard cliffhanger.

The art from Dagnino and Fernandez is all right. Their faces aren’t great, but they’re generally fine.

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