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Supergirl (2005) #49


Camp does a fine job, but I’m really missing Igle.

Gates does two things this issue. First, he resolves the Silver Banshee cliffhanger and does a great job with it. He’s able to do a relatively concise action sequence, get in some character development for the police inspector friend of Supergirl’s and introduce the possibility the Silver Banshee might be nice to people occasionally.

The rest of the issue is spent on Lana and there’s a giveaway this issue. A cockroach. Doesn’t Lana Lang become Insect Girl or something along those lines? Insect Lady? I sort of assumed it had already happened post-Crisis, but I guess not.

This issue ends with another cliffhanger–Camp really seems to have read the “Extremis” arc of Iron Man for how the bugs attack–after a padded sequence. Gates could have really used those pages better.

Still, it’s solid, with a great open.

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