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Marvels: Eye of the Camera (2009) #1


I’m a little confused. Marvels is, itself, somewhat out of continuity–the Fantastic Four didn’t really get their start in the sixties in current Marvel continuity. So, Marvels: Eye of the Camera is–or should be–out of continuity too, right?

Because Busiek wastes the entire first issue ret-conning Marvels.

It’s not even clear until the last five pages it’s about the same Phil Sheldon (Busiek introduces his Judaism big time in this issue, which wasn’t even a minor part of the original series). The narration’s all different, sounds like a totally different character. Busiek obviously wasn’t trying to recapture the voice. Instead, he went with a burn out.

Anacleto’s art’s okay. It doesn’t do what Ross’s art did on the original Marvels, which was realize comic book characters in a realistic way. Anacleto’s art is careful, pretty and stylized–not particularly special.

It’s off to an awful start.

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