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Copperhead (2014) #8


It’s an interesting issue of Copperhead. The opening has the off-world villain (the sheriff’s ex-husband?) escaping and its complications, but then Faerber spends the rest of the issue with Deputy Boo.

The rest of the issue belongs to the outlaws and Deputy Boo. They’ve kidnapped him, they’re setting a trap for the sheriff, there’s a lot of banter and desert high speed travel. Godlewski does a fine job with all of it and Faerber’s conversations are good, it’s just a little slow. Boo’s too comfortable as a secondary character. He’s not even the lead in an issue without the sheriff.

When Faerber does get to the soft cliffhanger, it’s clear he could’ve compressed the issue a bit and not lost anything. There’s no pay-off for Boo (or the reader), even though Faerber hints at it throughout.

It’s a fine enough issue of Copperhead, just a bridging one.

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