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Phonogram: The Singles Club (2008) #4


Whether Gillen intends it to be or not, this issue is more a concept issue than anything else. The protagonists are the two DJs at the club and we pretty much don’t see anyone but them for the entire issue. There’s a lot of affected dialogue, but Gillen can get away with it because of the concept.

Unfortunately, it leaves McKelvie with almost nothing to do. He’s drawing the same panel over and over, maybe some differences in expression, but most of the expressions get repeated eventually. Because of the design, it works fine… it’s just not particularly interesting once finished reading it.

As opposed to the previous issues, Gillen has no insight into the characters. He’s intentionally writing caricatures, not doing so because of limitations.

The backups–one by David Lafuente and one by Charity Larrison–are useless.

Lafuente’s art is good. The Larrison one is pointless, but pleasant.

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