Spider-Man / Human Torch 3 (May 2005)

And the coloring problems return. Not quite as bad, but whoever’s doing it–there’s no name just Sotocolor–thought adding three dimensions with color shading was a good idea.

And is wrong.

But it’s hard to care, because the series just gets better issue to issue. Here, Slott marries two very disparate elements of Spider-Man history–he relieves Peter’s depression following Gwen’s death with the lunacy of the Spider-Man toys. The Amazing Spider-Mobile, or whatever it was called, will probably never be used so artistically again. Or the fruit pies. What Slott does with the fruit pies is just fantastic.

There’s not as much emphasis on the Human Torch here, except as a true friend to Spidey. Slott writes this lovely scene with Peter (in mask) telling Johnny all about Gwen’s death. And even though the issue is–relatively–light, the whole weight of Peter’s secret identity is clear.

Maybe the series’s first great issue.


Auto Motives; writer, Dan Slott; penciller, Ty Templeton; inkers, Nelson DeCastro and Tom Palmer; colorist, Sotocolor; letterer, Dave Lanphear; editors, Andy Schmidt, Stephanie Moore, Molly Lazer and Tom Brevoort; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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