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Conan the Barbarian (1970) #8


How sweet, Conan ends the issue with a girl on his arm. Well, actually, they’re on horseback fleeing for their lives, but it’s the first time he’s gone off with anyone else and the first girl to be around for the last page.

Windsor-Smith is doing something bad with the noses. It’s not the inkers. They’re these really small noses. I have no idea why he’s doing it, but it ruins his faces.

This issue is a direct sequel to the last, though some complications occur off-page.

It’s a treasure hunt–and Conan does get a sidekick for a while–and ends with Conan fighting some inexplicable giants during the place.

Thomas does a great job with the pacing again. This time the issue even has a longer third act (I’m curious if they’ll continue next issue straight from the cliffhanger).

Besides the nose, the book’s quite good.

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