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Phonogram (2006) #6


I’m going to regret making this statement…

The last issue of Phonogram is great.

Gillen retroactively pretends the series was about people and he sells it effectively. Instead of all his music-based “modern fantasy” special vocabulary, he just tells a story about a egoist who ends up doing something good and helping people. It’s fantastic.

But, because I can’t resist—the first half of the issue is spent on the cult set from An American Werewolf in Paris. Not sure if Gillen or McElvie is responsible for that particular homage. Even with that derivative setting though, the action taking place is fantastic. It’s like Gillen had to talk himself into actually writing a good story (if this series were good, overall, it would have ran four issues—a good first, then basically issues four through six as published).

So, while I don’t recommend the series, this issue is singular.

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