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The Traveler (2010) #3


Well, Waid has his big reveal… and it’s utterly predictable, which might have been his point. More importantly, the ending seems to be setting up the next issue to finally reveal what all the characters have to do with one another.

It’s a brief read–Waid has a lot of pointless conversation and it fills pages without actually doing anything–but not a bad one. The evil villain reveals himself and then Waid introduces another evil villain. This evil villain he foreshadowed meeting in a contrived slip of the tongue… even I, as negative as I can be, didn’t imagine Waid would have the Traveler just head over to the guy’s house to say hello. But he does.

Hardin does fine on the art. I wish the pace weren’t so breakneck so Hardin might get a chance to do an establishing shot or two.

Traveler‘s finally picking up a little.

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