Soldier Zero (2010) #3


I think Cornell fell asleep here. It might explain why he thinks the alien soldier fused with the protagonist mentioning Tony Danza is a good joke.

The mistake seems to be having the alien soldier talk through the whole issue–he calls the protagonist “marine” and everyone else calls the protagonist “soldier.” It makes for some real lively conversation.

Actually, the bigger mistake is the pacing. This issue takes place over twenty or thirty minutes, enough time for a police interrogation (where Cornell tries implying something and fails) and then the start of a fight with the bad alien. In other words, nothing like what made the first issue of the series compelling. Cornell’s gotten rid of all the character stuff–the protagonist is one of the most boring things about the comic at this point.

Ariño’s art is serviceable.

The art really doesn’t matter, it’s not the problem here.

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