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Tom Strong (1999) #7


Moore finishes the story with an unexpected conclusion, one he hadn’t hinted at earlier and should have. Tom Strong’s birthday was coming up. It ends at his birthday party (and the Millennium City Y2K party). It’s a great scene, but it’s sort of tacked on.

This issue is significant for one major reason. Moore talks a lot about race. Sure, it’s in the extremes of Tom Strong having a bastard son with a Nazi superwoman, but Moore doesn’t flinch when putting those two up against Tom’s black wife and his mixed daughter. Most mainstream comic books completely avoid the discussion (or just don’t have any black characters).

This issue has a flash forward, not flashback, but Frank and Smith. It’s not the best Frank art, but it’s good. Moore’s writing isn’t as strong on that portion though.

It’s a decent issue, some good surprises… but there’s no kick to it.

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  1. Definitely one of the most interesting things about Tom Strong was it’s unique take on the modern dysfunctional nuclear family and how it affects superheroes. While you mention Tom is steadfast in his non patience with any other attitude regarding the race of his wife and daughter, I totally enjoyed that they didn’t need the defense- they were always shown as equals with the strengths that would serve well in any situation. Probably the strongest females in comics to that point.

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