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Hawkeye & Mockingbird (2010) #3


Here’s where the Lopezes’ can’t handle the script with their style. This issue is pretty gritty. It’s Mockingbird and Dominic Fortune getting vicious on the bad guys and Hawkeye being the one who’s trying to calm them down. But it’s impossible to take all Mockingbird’s forceful dialogue seriously when the Lopezes are drawing her a teenager. It just comes off wrong.

For his part, McCann handles the transition well but he’s starting to feel the pull here. This issue sets up Clint and Mockingbird as diametrically opposed and it’s no longer believable he wouldn’t walk on her. She’s gone over to the Dark Side. I’m sure she’ll eventually pull back or they’ll meet halfway, but McCann’s characterization of Clint feels wrong. He doesn’t belong and McCann’s contriving anything he can to keep him here.

Nice subtle hard cliffhanger moment too. McCann’s got some definite writing chops and trusts his reader.

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