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A. Bizarro (1999) #2


Superman shows up this issue and Bright draws him so poorly I want to take back everything complimentary I said about his art on the first issue. Bright can’t draw Superman’s face–he gets the proportions of the head wrong–and he also can’t draw him flying. It’s a disastrous opening for the issue.

Thank goodness there’s Gerber.

This issue is all about Al (Bizarro) finding his place in Metropolis. He ends up a panhandler, sidekick to a rather amusing character (Gerber’s writing here is really great), then a stick-up man. Until the Guardian puts a stop to that line.

Gerber intercuts with some goings-ons at Lexcorp–Gerber makes Lex likable. He’s still a villain or whatever, but he’s very amusing.

There’s not really any character development; it’s just a trip through Metropolis with a very particular tour guide.

Shame about the art though. The writing deserves better.

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