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A. Bizarro (1999) #1

I knew the concept—regular guy gets a Bizarro made of him—but Gerber still Ab1does manage to get some surprises out of it.

When the issue opens, Al (the Bizarro) is slowly losing his faculties as he turns into a regular Bizarro. It makes him immediately sympathetic, something Gerber keeps up because the character talks to himself the entire issue. So it’s a comedy.

So far, Gerber has very little to say about superhero comics (Lex makes an appearance and Superman’s a tiny dot on the last panel) and a lot more to say about distorting the everyday. Still, the comic is tied in to regular continuity; it’s hard to anticipate where Gerber will take it, considering the conclusion here was unexpected for a first issue.

Bright’s art is okay. There’s nothing really wrong with it save a lack of creative enthusiasm. Most importantly, he never hinders the script.

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