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Dark Horse Presents Annual (1998) 2000


It’s the “all female” issue… without a single female creator working on the book.

The best is in the Buffy story, when they turn rape prevention into a pun.

The Buffy story is the worst–Fassbender and Pascoe’s writing is, tasteless jokes aside, awful. Their dialogue is weak as is their plotting. Richards and Pimentel’s art isn’t awful.

Motter writes an indistinct Star Wars. But Owens’s artwork on it is fabulous.

The Xena story, from Edginton, Deodato and Nelson, is probably the best. Though Deodato’s photo referencing is annoying and ineffective. Edginton writes funny dialogue and comes up with solid plot developments.

Kennedy’s Ghost story isn’t bad. Brunner’s artwork varies. He has some good panels and some weak ones. Kennedy’s able to manage a good pace with a lot of details.

The one from David and Henry–Spyboy–is amusing. It’s breezy action; David gets in a good closing joke.

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