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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #154


Finally… a solidly mediocre issue.

Iron Reich 3000 isn’t bad. Land writes it like an infantry comic set in the future (one has to wonder about Starship Troopers influences) and Saiz and Blanco do a good job with the art. Saiz’s abilities are clear here… but he does draw all his characters like male models. It’s hard to believe they’re grimy soldiers.

The second installment of Full Throttle is better than the first. Sivasubramanian is only confusing when it comes to referring back to that first part, actually. More nice art from Jarvis. It’s a story about robotic gorillas—and a cute little robotic monkey. It’s got to be all right.

The second part of the Angel story is a little bit better than the first, as Golden and Sniegoski complicate the setup a little. Horton and Lee’s artwork of scary forest animals is good, far better than their people.

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