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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #155


Another fine issue. The pleasant surprise is the Angel story finally approaches good. Golden and Sniegoski introduce a lot of humor into this installment (completing the story) and it helps a lot. Also, Horton and Lee are mostly drawing supernatural beings and they do it well. The end’s a bit weak, but it’s something to do with the TV show chemistry, which doesn’t work if one’s reading a comic book.

Iron Reich 3000 finishes too. Land includes a page about the history of the fictional future war for those interested… though it’s hard to believe anyone would care. Even though his script is adequate, it doesn’t intrigue. The art from Saiz and Blanco is quite good, with Saiz really getting in some iconic battle panels.

Then there’s another Full Throttle. Jarvis takes over scripting too and writes a fun, quick little story. His art’s good and the story moves well.

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  1. Saiz has done some lovely work, notably for Wildstorm thru DC, and lately with Gray & Palmiotti’s factory as well. Very graceful figures…

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