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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #153


I think some of these Presents licensed properties stories might be ideal examples of why properties should never be licensed across mediums. This issue’s Angel—and Golden and Sniegoski’s script isn’t even bad—is too short and too slight, even for the concept (one of the Angel cast makes a Blair Witch movie for demons). Horton and Lee’s art could be a lot better too.

The surprise of the issue is The Mask. Gilroy’s script is engaging and entertaining—even though the Mask (as illustrated by Marangon and Emberlin) is the laughing version, Gilroy’s approach is one of terror and foreboding. The two tones don’t match well, but it’s the best story the issue… and in the last few Presents issues, in fact.

Just when I think Armstrong’s art might be getting better on Doc Thunder, he loses his ability to draw the human body proportionately. Once again, it’s awful.

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