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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #152


Von Shelly has another fumetti this issue. While I suppose it’s a bit of an achievement to mix all the photos together, it’s godawful. Von Shelly’s writing is real bad. It’s clear he thinks his work is maybe the greatest thing ever; only a similarly minded (i.e. illiterate) reader would enjoy it.

Full Throttle is a futuristic bike messenger story and it makes no sense. The confusing nature of it aside, writer Sivasubramanian has a couple good details (both in the first few pages, but both very creative). Jarvis’s artwork is excellent. He maintains a nice balance between detail and motion. Even if it’s incompressible, it’s entertaining.

And finally, another installment of Doc Thunder from Armstrong. This installment manages to be less ambitious but somehow stupider than the first one. Armstrong does detail on a gradient—sometimes his art has some detail; usually it’s rather unfinished. It’s a lousy comic.

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  1. Siva. just HAS to be a phony name..AND-
    ie; ,” It’s a lousy comic.”…
    ouch, mutherfucker…go for the low hung fruit…

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