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Strange Science Fantasy (2010) #3


This issue features Morse’s most concise, yet most ambitious (just because he’s sticking to a formula) work on the series so far.

I get the concept.

I’m just not sure how successful it all works out.

Morse does a film-noir set in Hollywood, with very literal looking characters (the projectionist has a projector for a head, the script girl has a typewriter for a head, the location scout has a globe for a head). Morse draws it all rather well for a foreboding noir and it looks absolutely wonderful (Pope does a poster for the story).

But Morse uses a lot of film jargon in the script, usually as the punchline of a bit of exposition. It seems forced and a little silly—like a Roger Rabbit gag on steroids.

It’s a beautiful issue and it might be exactly what Morse intended….

So maybe it can’t work any better.

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