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Strange Science Fantasy (2010) #2


Returning to Strange Science Fantasy raises a question about expectation. The first issue ends with a “to be continued.” How does a story without characters get one interested enough to come back? I didn’t really see what Morse could do with that story, certainly not for five more issues.

Well, he doesn’t continue it (this issue’s story does not have a “to be continued”). Instead, he starts with a cross between Japanese samurai movies and giant monster movies. Then he introduces a mythology about intergalactic stone beings. About halfway through the story, it’s progressed to the point I had to force myself to remember to started as this tonal fifties and sixties thing, then Morse makes his own way.

The storytelling is grandiose; relating to the characters, even if they had dialogue, would be impossible. Morse does a fine job in those constraints.

Lovely one page retelling from Pope too.

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