Strange Science Fantasy 4 (October 2010)

So it’s a war comic, mixed with an alien comic. All done very fifties… should be fine.

But it’s not.

Morse changes up his format here. Instead of the three panels a page, he includes multiple single panel pages (with the same amount of text as if he was doing the normal format). They slow the pace.

Also different is his use of protagonist. I didn’t even notice he added characters the previous issue because it was all so seamless. Here he’s got a hero (a sort of Captain America guy, without the outfit) fighting the alien invaders. The guy disappears for a while though. Morse opens with him then drops him for the alien invasion. It makes the issue a disjointed read to say the least.

Even the relatively interesting reveal at the end is ineffective.

Good thing Morse didn’t open with this one.

Even Pope’s page is unenthusiastic.


The Big One, Pacific Theater!; writer, artist, colorist and letterer, Scott Morse. Where Do We Come From?; writer, artist and letterer, Paul Pope. Editor, Bob Schreck; publisher, IDW Publishing.