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Green Hornet (2010) #9


Ugh. What’s worse than Smith doing three action scenes and calling it an issue? Doing one and, essentially, a chase sequence and calling it an issue.

Sure, there’s some of his banter between Britt and Mulan, but it’s barely banter.

What’s far more interesting about this issue is the supervillains. The young Japanese guy has turned into an outrageous villain, something Smith avoided prepping. Either he skipped it due to space concerns or because, while it works, it’s exceptionally anti-Japanese. Smith’s villain is a too smart man-child out to destroy the U.S. because of WWII. Except he can’t even concentrate long enough for that plan–too many video games, presumably–because he’s so moronic he needs to risk his business profits killing the Green Hornet… and orphans.

Smith actually gives Mulan some character here, but it’s too little, too late.

I think the issue reads in three minutes.

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