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Green Hornet (2010) #3


Forget everything nice I said about Smith’s pacing. This issue is a fast, empty read (no pun intended).

Smith introduces a narration here–it’s close third person, inside Britt Jr.’s head. The issue also features the death of Britt Sr., so I can just start calling Britt Jr. Britt.

It’s a bold move for a movie–undoubtedly Smith wanted a big star for the original Green Hornet–but for a comic book, again, it doesn’t work quite right. It’s not a big deal, the way he paces out the story. Smith doesn’t even deal with the female Kato, he just has her around for a bit, then brings back an aged Kato to mentor Britt. Presumably.

Smith does come up with good breakpoints. They’re not cliffhangers, just ending points. In other words… he’s doing a good job adapting his screenplay at times, but the content doesn’t fit a comic.

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