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Green Hornet (2010) #4


Smith sure does have his way of prolonging things. This issue opens with the reveal of the Hornet Cave (or whatever they call it) from last issue. Then there’s some flashback while Kato’s describing the history of the Green Hornet to Britt–in other words, the first issue’s prologue is a total waste of pages since Smith is doing regular flashbacks in the series.

Then the female Kato–Mulan–shows up and she and her dad, Kato Kato, ship Britt off to China for safe keeping. Where he’ll be met by another Kato. Having this league of Katos is somewhat boring and Smith will undoubtedly explain it eventually, but getting it over with sooner than later might make one think about its silliness less.

The cliffhanger’s decent, but it doesn’t make any sense in terms of timeline or logic. Smith’s going too much for cinematic effect. It’s hurting his writing.

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