Green Hornet (2010) #2


Smith’s Green Hornet script is based on his unproduced screenplay and it shows this issue. Not in a bad way–Smith comes up with an amazing action sequence with a female Kato in an evening gown using her heels both as weapons and as hooks–but it’s nothing special for a comic book.

The issue actually has quite a bit of content–there are lengthy talking heads scenes with Britt Sr. as he does an expository newspaper meeting (great way of doing exposition, though I’m sure Spider-Man and Superman have done it many times in the past) and then Britt Sr. and Britt Jr. having lunch. Oh, and Britt Sr. and the possibly corrupt mayor.

So Smith’s not being lazy, not even with the big action sequence at the end (it would be better with someone less glossy than Lau). It’s just not a comic book. The pacing’s wrong.

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