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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #32


Ugh, another “annual.” Sixty-four pages of Dark Horse Presents tends to be a little much.

The American is a little long here–it’s very passive and not at all dramatic. On the other hand, Peterson shows he used to be a lot more interesting of an artist.

The Wacky Squirrel strip from publisher Richardson is dumb.

Davis’s Delia & Celia is a complete bore, big shock. He manages to make a pterodactyl boring.

The longer than usual Bob the Alien just shows with more space Rice does an even better story. It’s funny and touching

The Concrete story is better than usual–Concrete’s jealous over girls–and Chadwick puts in three unanswered questions. Two are crime related, one personal. It works.

Bacchus is great. Campbell gets more into his eight pages than anyone ever has in one of these issues.

As usual, Zone is passable, Race of Scorpions is lame.

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  1. I disagree over Peterson not being an interesting artist. While he only does covers these days, Brandon is one of the best with photoshop process, although he likes his ladies with a bit of droopy booby for my tastes.

    1. Isn’t Peterson just a Michael Turner clone these days?

  2. Welcome to the better(?) era of DHP. I’m not sure, but I think Dark Horse gave me an anchor towards discovering or rediscovering Eddie Campbell. Truly one of medium’s best artists.

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